About Soccer Heads

Soccer Heads is of the most addictive and most awesome soccer games you can ever play online. Even though that today there are a lot of clones of this game, let me introduce the original edition of the game. Soccer Heads is a game where you play only with the head and foot of player. Your primary mission is to score as much goals as you can and win the match. At the beginning of the game you must choose your favorite player from English Championship. For example I always choose Rooney. As soon as you are done choosing player, you can enter the match. You play against different players and your mission is to win all matches in the English Championship. You can jump using Arrow buttons to hit the ball using head, and use Spacebar to kick using feet.

During the match between you and your opponent, you will notice different power-up icons on the field. Use ball to hit them and activate one of them. While some of them like Bouncing Ball is rather useless, others, including broken legs for your opponent is very useful. Another thing that you should keep in mind during the game, is that you can upgrade skills of your player. You can make it jump higher or move faster. I hope you will really enjoy the original edition of the Soccer Heads game at our website.



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